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The Platinum Tap series is a set of CD's containing rhythmic andorchestrated pieces arranged primarily for tap, but also suited to other dance genres ie. jazz, modern, theatre and stage choreography. The latest in the series, Platinum Tap 3, is now available.

Several tracks on each CD exhibit the use of tacit, stop-time and change of either rhythm or tempo(or both) ... many of the track lengths have been chosen to make them suitable for class/exam/festival dances. With such a diverse selection of styles and rhythms, combined with stunning arrangements, the Platinum Tap series appeals to dancers at all levels of ability.

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* Platinum Tap 3 is currently available at the special introductory price of £15.99! *

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TLM 002 ... price £14.99*

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TLM 003 ... price £14.99*

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TLM 007 ... price £15.99*

* plus postage and packaging

Platinum Tap 1, 2 and 3 .... SPECIAL OFFER .... £35.99 (saving you 22%)

You can purchase the Platinum Tap CD's using any credit/debit card or PayPal account.

Alternatively, purchase by downloading and completing a CD order form and sending a cheque or money order for the appropriate amount to:

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