customer comments



"Thank you for your excellent service"

Mr S Eagle (Masonic/Ladies From The East and West)


"Sounds great, thanks also for the guide tune version ... it has taken a lot of pressure off. I had no idea how it went, but now I do!"

Mr S Roach (Masonic/The Ladies Song, Version 1)



"Perfect ... many thanks"

Mr C Ray (Masonic/Ladies From The East and West)


"Can I just say, brilliant track and I hope you create many more"

Mr D Nicholson (Platinum Backing Track/Be Kind To Your Parents)



"Thank you for your quick response and excellent files ... love the arrangement and recording. Your track is a huge help"

Mr P Martyn (Masonic/Beautiful Roses For You)



"Thank you very much for the great track ... it is the best available by far"

Bro. R Corker (Masonic/The Ladies Song version 1)


"Your backing track went down brilliantly! I really enjoyed singing to it, and I think it made me sing better ... can't thank you enough for your assistance and going the extra mile for me"

Mr E Morris (Masonic/The Ladies Song version 1)



"Absobloominglutely brilliant ... can't wait to get started on it now, will have it playing all day for the next couple of days ... will be great to choreograph ... the kids will be thrilled!"

Mrs B Niven, New Zealand (custom arranged competition ballet group)



"What can I say!! ... Your music was an inspiration and to work with. My pupils especially liked 'Its Raining Men (I defy anyone to stop their toes tapping to this track!!!), and I know when I see my younger pupils later this week, they will love the 'Top Cat Garage Mix'. It is excellent that you not only document the time signatures and bpm, but also the actual length of music in the accompanying booklets"

Ms F Stermann (Platinum Tap 1)




"As usual you have done a delightful job! ... thanks a bunch, just perfect ... love the arrangements Trevor. The girls are thrilled with the pieces and I'm using many of your pieces from Platinum Tap1 in class and for competitions, so you work very hard this side of the world! ... you have given the students here some really good music to dance to. Please keep me informed of any new CD's that you have"

Mrs B Niven, New Zealand (custom aranged ballet solo's, Platinum Tap 1 and 2)




"Just to let you know that I have received the CD ... I have downloaded it onto my iPod Shuffle ... it sounds fab ... thanks again"

Miss J Wilson (transfer of cassette to CD)




Oh my gosh ... this is fabulous ... I love it! A great backing track as always

Mrs N Thompson (custom arranged festival solo)



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